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We (bahamutfan) are listed as a Recommended Installer for products made by Pixel FX and Castlemania Games

PastPerfect Games provides installation services for advanced retro console mods and upgrades such as the N64Digital, XStation, PS1Digital, UltraHDMI, PSIO, DCDigital, WiiDual, GCDual, etc., including other maintenance services you may be interested in, such as recapping, new cart batteries, BIOS or FRAM replacements, etc.  

 Recent Reviews

"Great communication and GREAT service! Got my UltraHDMI installed in no time and the work was spectacularly done. Thank you!"


— real-net

"Just wanted to share a massive A++++++ rating to @bahamutfan for the install. He went above and beyond and everything works+plays great. Amazing stuff!"

                    — rex

"@bahamutfan Did an awesome job on my install. Turn around time from shipping to return was a week!"



— bartman


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